Onion Soup

This will be a short post because this meal was neither amazing nor terrible. It was right smack in the middle: good. I think there was a few factors contributing to it’s mediocrity but the biggest was the heat. I made this last Wednesday and even though we were experiencing a “cool” front of 85, it still made me feel very warm. This is precisely why I have issues eating hot soup during the summer. It’s too dang hot! It’s the same reason why I won’t eat tamales during the summer. it’s too hot!

Have I mentioned it’s too hot?

There’s a meme floating around on Hispanic websites that pairs “When your mom makes caldo on a 100 degree weather” with a picture of a celebrity crying (the most popular is Michael Jordan) and that basically sums up my feelings of eating soup during the summer. You’re already sweating because the Sun has decided to lay down on your part of the Earth and then you pour almost boiling liquid into your body so your insides can be just as hot as your outsides? Que pendejada.

I clearly have strong feelings about this.

So after I got over boiling my insides, I was able to focus on the flavor of the soup. It was okay. The truth is, I don’t like French Onion Soup and this was basically the same thing but with veggie broth instead of animal stock. This wasn’t as rich or tart as its French version but I actually liked that. A lot of the reviews complained about its sweetness but that’s what I liked about this soup. I think I put in more sourdough than I should have but I feel that helped with the saltiness.

I didn’t even bother giving this to the kids because 1. onions and 2. toddlers eating soup is messy as hell. No thank you.

I have one more Belgian meal to post about and then I need to figure out what I’m making this week. I want something with lots of veggies and that doesn’t require me turning on the oven. Any suggestions are much appreciated!