I made 236 different recipes last year. When I went down the list to find favorites, I thought it would be hard to even get a top ten so I was really surprised when I ended up with twenty. I knew I had made a lot of good food but I didn’t I’d made that much that left such a great impression.

Here are my favorite meals from last year. They are not in order of preference. They’re in alphabetical order by country because I just went down the list of Categories and I am not taking the time to rank all of them. Sorry. Most of them are on the easy level so if you want a good, fairly quick meal (under an hour) most of these should work.

Fugazetta – Argentina I will never see stuffed pizza the same after this.

Moules Frites – Belgium This meal made me fall in love with mussels.

Black Bean and Sausage Soup – Brazil Probably one of the simplest meals I made all year. Probably why it’s a favorite.

Cumin Spiced Lamb – China Same for this one.

Tamales de Pipian – Colombia I can’t wait to eat this again!

Stamppot – Netherlands I’m totally incorporating this into Thanksgiving dinner.

Panes Rellenos – El Salvador I want to visit El Salvador just to be able to eat these things again.

Chicken Theresa – Germany Another very easy dinner. Not very healthy but who cares?

Murg Purdina – India You would think that the Masala Dosa would be my favorite since I was and am so proud of being able to make it but this Murg Purdina and the accompanying Methi Aloo far surpass it.

Shakshuka – Israel Oh man, I think I might host a brunch just to have the excuse to share this amazing dish with people!

Gamja Saelleodeu – Korea I’m seriously waiting for the next barbecue pot luck to take this dish and blow everyone’s mind with it!

Harira – Morocco This dish made me like lamb.

Chicken Sekuwa – Nepal The previous post already explained my love for this.

Arroz con Chancho – Peru I’ve made this a couple of times since I first made it. It’s that easy and that good!

Ceebu Jen – Senegal I love this meal because it got my kids to eat fish. And veggies. All at once!

Shrimp Curry – Sri Lanka This made the list not just because it was tasty but because also because of its versatility. I made it a few days later but with chicken and it was just as great!

Pork Meatloaf Stir Fry – Thailand This is now how I make pork meatloaf.

Chicken in Pandan Leaves – Thailand This meal introduced me to and made me fall in love with pandan leaves.

Kiymali Pide – Turkey Another pizza and soooo good!

Sister’s Stew – Westeros This meal taught me that not all fish soups are gross and for that, I am grateful. I also got semi-drunk making the bread bowl.





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