Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Curry

By the time I prepared this meal, my injera batter was two days old so I was hopeful that whatever needed to happen would happen and my injera was would be

Well, it wasn’t necessarily Everything was there, ready to go live, but it was still in the test phase. This injera was an improvement from the previous day in terms of sponginess and it was less sour but it still tasted off. It was just very, very tart and I didn’t really enjoy eating it by itself. Normally I can munch on injera alone, I don’t even need to fill it with anything, but my injera definitely needed some filling.

And this filling was great! James actually chose this recipe and I was really pleased with the curry. I don’t have a lot of experience cooking with sweet potatoes so I always take an opportunity to do so. Most of the work for this meal came in cutting up the veggies and then once they were in the pot, I got to party in my kitchen! Of course that means I just stood in the kitchen and hid from my kids.

Thankfully this meal worked out because I would have be sad two days in a row and that would have been terrible. Hahaha! Oh, when I thought being sad two days in a row over food was the worst it could get!



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