Taiwanese Pork Belly Buns

So after going through what I did in order to get these steamed buns, I thought “THESE BUNS BETTER BE FUCKING FANTASTIC!” Luckily they were.

Obviously I was given some weird steamed buns because these were wrapped strips of dough that I had a tough time unwrapping but they smelled amazing! I couldn’t stop sniffing them because they smelled like sweet vanilla. I don’t even like the scent of vanilla but I liked these! I just realized I probably got all kinds of nose germs on them. Oh well, maybe that contributed to the flavor!

Braising the pork belly for two hours was a test in patience because it also smelled so good and I just wanted to dig in! I think it was around the one hour mark that I was like, “You know, it’s probably cooked and safe to eat, we should just eat them now.” But I didn’t, I waited, and waited, and waited. Those two hours were painful.

But it was all worth it! The pork belly I was given had a lot of fat on it and I was worried there wouldn’t be enough actual meat but there was plenty for six buns. I also made another quick-pickle of zucchini and carrots to offset the sweetness of the meat and powdered peanuts. By the way, I might have eaten a couple of spoonfuls of the powdered peanuts. It was like mazapan, but sweeter and grainier. Who doesn’t like mazapan? It was messy due to the buns falling apart but everything worked together perfectly. If I was going to get groped for any meal, it should have been this one.

This was our last Chinese meal and I can say that it was definitely top five. Aside from the Chinese mushrooms in the Buddha’s Delight, nothing disappointed. I wish the week hadn’t been marred by the events of last Thursday but so it goes. This week we are in Ethiopia, which is another week I have been looking forward to all year. Hopefully it’s as delightful as Chinese week but less messy.



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