Mole Poblano, Arroz y Frijoles, and Tortillas

It’s been two weeks since I last posted and I apologize for the long absence. I originally hadn’t planned on taking an off week until this week but then our dog got sick and after four weeks of continuous cooking, I needed a break.

Niko is our almost eleven year old husky. In November it’ll be ten years since he became our dog, even though he was only supposed to be a foster. At the time we already had a dog, a Rottweiler named Lars, who ruled our world. Niko was abandoned by his owner, who was our neighbor at the apartment complex where we were living, and when management called me to ask if I knew who the dog belonged to (I had previously worked for the company and the manager was a friend), I told them we’d take the dog until we could find an owner. He’s been a pain in our ass since.

I’ve never met such a stubborn dog in my life! From day one, he has been an ornery s.o.b. He suffered from major separation anxiety for the first couple of months we had him, which meant coming home to turds all over the floor, shredded hardcover books, or DVD cases that became chew toys. Sometimes all three! It took years, YEARS, to break him of jumping on people and to not yip and howl at us whenever he wanted something. Actually, I don’t think we did anything, age did. But throught it all, we kept him because 1. I’m a sucker for animals and 2. I knew no one else would tolerate him and I didn’t want him to be adopted and then returned over and over again. Niko has never been our dog, we’re his people.

And it probably would have stayed that way but then we had the Four Year Old and the day we brought her home, Niko found his soulmate. He never left her side for the first three years of her life. Wherever she was, he was close to follow. He slept next to her or in her room every night up until nine months ago, when he got sick.

Nine months ago I noticed a growth on his neck. At the time it was just a growth under the skin that didn’t have fur and it didn’t seem to bother him so I ignored it. Months passed and it didn’t go away. I hesitated taking him into the vet because I knew it wasn’t going to be good news. At his age, it would most likely be the big C and I couldn’t handle it. I’m aware how selfish it was of me.

Well then it started bugging him and he started scratching it, which made it bleed, which made it hard for me to ignore. So I took him in two weeks ago. It’s a mast cell tumor that was about to rupture (apparently they start to itch before they explode) so it was perfect timing. Luckily his blood work was great so whatever caused the tumor hadn’t spread. We didn’t have the tumor tested because, honestly, had it been cancer, we couldn’t afford to treat it and he’s eleven, what’s the point?

So they cut open his face, removed the tumor, and stitched him up. I’ve spent the past week tending to his every need and yep, he’s still an ornery s.o.b.

And that’s why I took last week off. Tomorrow I’ll post why I’m taking this week off.

And since this post is long enough, the food review will be short. My mole was good but not great. My rice was uh-mazing! My beans were semi-crunchy even after being soaked for four hours and cooking for two and my tortillas were delicious!



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