Jerk Chicken, Quick Fried Cabbage, and Cornmeal Fritters

This was our last Jamaican meal. I saved it for last for two reasons: it had to marinate it for up to 24 hours and I wanted a fabulous meal to accompany the Game of Thrones season finale. Marinating meat isn’t very hands on but I wanted to be able to turn the meat every few hours and I didn’t want to get distracted with regular work week stuff.  Had I done this during the week, I could have easily forgotten about the meat sitting in the fridge and then been super annoyed with myself when I took it out and only one side was marinated. So free time was a big consideration but the biggest was filling my belly with delicious food to prepare myself for the GoT finale. That show can be super intense and I typically run the gamut of emotions so I need some sustenance to get me through it. Also, my cousin usually comes over to watch the show with us and I like feeding him good food.

When deciding on meals, I knew I had to do a jerk recipe. Making jerk food is different from my usual being a jerk but like being a jerk, making jerk food was pretty easy for me. What took the longest and was most uncomfortable was making the fire in the grill. It was like ten billion degrees that day and being around direct heat like that was NOT fun. Thankfully the meat came out great. I used chicken thighs instead of cutting up a whole chicken because I really dislike cutting whole chickens. I was surprised by how succulent the meat was since it was on the grill for almost two hours and I don’t think it was just because we were grilling thighs, which are very juicy to begin with. It wasn’t very spicy and from what I read, it should have been. I used habanero peppers which are slightly less spicy than the recommended Scotch bonnet but not by much. I was okay with that since I don’t like my mouth to be on fire.

The cabbage was cabbage, no big deal there.

For me, the true bell of the ball was the cornmeal fritters. I’ve had cornmeal fritters before and they are usually hard, grainy, and taste like cornmeal. So appetizing…These fritters were so far from that and I think it was the inclusion of the coconut milk. Just like it put some glitter on the dull red beans and rice, the coconut milk livened up the fritters. They were a little spongy, light, and with a twinge of sweetness. I had one a couple of days later and it was a little hard even after heating but the flavor was still present.

This was a great way to end Jamaican week and it’s something I will make again. I might try to do a dry rub next time and see if that reduces the marination time.

The older one is telling me I need to get off the computer and I must obey my master.

Recipe, Recipe, Recipe


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