Ginger Stewed Chicken, Baked Sweet Potatoes, and Celery and Rice

Even though I’ve been doing this for almost seven months and have made over seventy meals, I still expect every one to be amazing and the best thing I’ve ever eaten. I know that’s a tall, HUGE, order but it’s true. I guess on some level I just feel that if I’m putting this much effort into it, not just cooking but the researching and shopping, that it should pay off very well. The reality is that not every meal can meet my ridiculously high standards and I need to settle down with that way of thinking.

I’ll take “Duh Melissa” for $200, Alex.

This meal was on the lower end of my satisfaction meter. It was a decent meal and it was something that could be prepared any day of the week. On that alone, it’s very family friendly and I probably will save it for future use and it might even turn into a “Go to” meal but I wasn’t super impressed. I thought the ginger would make the chicken more exciting but not really. I think my sauce should have been thicker but I don’t know if that would have really made a difference. The potatoes tasted like something I’ve had for Thanksgiving but I will say the orange extract did give it a slightly more interesting flavor.

Surprisingly, I liked the celery and rice the most. I was really worried about the celery because it is such an overpowering flavor but the ginger brought a down a notch. Also helping it was the pepper. Scotch bonnet peppers are used A LOT in Jamaican cooking but I wasn’t able to find them. I even went to a Afro-Caribbean market but they didn’t have them. Scotch bonnets are a cousin of the habanero and rocoto pepper. You might remember the rocoto pepper from Peruvian week. Also, a little tidbit, in Mexico, the rocoto pepper is called a manzano pepper because of its apple like shape. Anyway, Scotch bonnets are fiery like habanero and tangy like rocoto/manzano. I don’t like fiery but I like tangy so I used the latter. That might have also helped the celery and rice, having little big of tang, but I think the biggest factor was the ginger.

So, you know, this meal was good. It was fine. I’d eat it again. The girls liked the rice and potatoes but were pretty uninterested in the chicken. I think the oldest even ate the potatoes for lunch the next day. Double duty meals are always great!

Recipe, recipe, recipe


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