Stuffed and Baked Chocho and Callaloo (but not really)

So I had a long post in mind, one where I would discuss my admiration and respect for the history of Jamaica and its people. I would mention the slave revolt that led to its independence, its struggle to find its own place in the world, and how all that had contributed to a rich cuisine.

Then I realized that all my opinions and admiration were for Haiti, not Jamaica. I somehow got the two countries confused. I don’t know how I got the two confused. I am, apparently, a pretty stupid person. I’ll be honest, I’m a little ashamed. I should know better and I need to check this privilege. Lesson learned.

I don’t know anything about Jamaica and I didn’t take the time to read the cookbook I used last week. Yes, I’m a week behind in posting but I’m not cooking this week so I can catch up. Anyway, the cookbook I used was Jamaican Cooking by Lucinda Scala Quinn. I am adding “read the damn book” to my To Do List for the rest of the week.

This was the first of four meals we ate last week. It was a pretty easy meal to put together. This was our second time eating chayote, the first being during Burmese week. I’ve been looking for another opportunity to eat it because I really liked it the first time and this one did not disappoint. I like the firmness of this squash compared to others. I boiled it for about twenty minutes but it still held its shape very well and wasn’t too watery. The meat and cheese combined with the sweetness of the squash made it very juicy and tasty.

The spinach was okay, nothing mind blowing, but I did like the thyme that was added to it. It added a little unexpected flavor to it.

The baby liked the squash, like she did the last time we ate it. The three year old only ate the filling because the rest of the meal was green and we all know how disgusting green things are.

Recipe, Recipe


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