Beef and Stout Pie

Let’s go ahead and address the obvious: I changed the placemats BUT it wasn’t just to please the kid. I decided the red ones were better for everyday use because I got them for $5 at Ross and because they hide stains better. I’ll save the others for people who know how to use utensils properly and who know how to keep the food on their plates and not all over the table and their faces. And yes, a little to please the kid but she will never be told that. You did not win this round kid!

Moving on.

This was a recipe that was shared by my friend from back home, Caroline. This recipe came from a cookbook her mother gave her but I didn’t get the title so I apologize to whomever compiled the recipes for that cookbook, I will not be able to give you proper credit.

This was my first time making a pot pie. The recipe called for puff pastry sheets and I thought I had sheets but it turned out I had shells. Because of this, my crust came out significantly thinner than it should have since I had to roll out the small shells. It didn’t really affect the flavor much but I think it would have been nice to have a bit more “bread” to dip with. I also used a combination of ground beef and pork instead of cubes of chuck steak because I wanted to use up the meat I have sitting in my freezer. I think it would have been more savory with cubes but it worked overall. Both James and I had indigestion later on that night but that might have had more to do with the wine we drank while watching Game of Thrones.

And now for a squirrel moment: OMG y’all, GoT! I’ve waited six flippin’ seasons for Daenerys to bring out her dragons and it was so satisfying!  I need to find a way to incorporate “dracarys” into my vocabulary. I’m thinking maybe when I’m about to lose my shit. Also, that battle scene was legit! Oh, yeah, sorry for the spoilers but c’mon, it’s Wednesday, you’ve had plenty of time to watch it.

Both of the girls enjoyed their pot pies. The oldest especially loved the crust and now that I think about it, that’s all she ate.

Carbs are her best friend, seriously.



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