Roasted Salmon and Bacon and Cabbage with Parsley Sauce

This will probably be the shortest post in this blog’s history. It’s not that I’m short on time or anything, this meal was just kinda boring.

The most interesting part of the entire thing was I marinated the salmon in Irish whiskey which, by the way, I got scolded for because I used the expensive Irish whiskey. I used an eighth of a cup, James! It was a little tangy from the lemon zest and vinegar but it still tasted like salmon.

Same thing with the cabbage. It was tasty but it wasn’t anything special. My sauce came out kinda lumpy but I don’t think it being runnier would have made it any better.

On a scale of “Barf” to “OMG I WANT TO DIE AFTER EATING THIS MEAL BECAUSE NOTHING WILL EVER BE BETTER” I give this meal a “This food is being eaten to give my body nutrients.”

Recipe, Recipe


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