Grilled Chicken Shawarma, Mejadra, and Israeli Vegetable Salad

This meal, oh man, this meal was so good! *cue Penny from “Happy Endings”* suh guhd!

This wasn’t authentic shawarma because James won’t let me be great and buy a vertical spit to grill my meat but this was a close second. The recipe I used called for an outdoor grill but I decided to finally use the ceramic grill pan James gave me for Mother’s Day. My reason for not using the outdoor grill was purely selfish: I didn’t want to clean the grill and it was a billion degrees outside. Those ceramic pans live up to the hype in terms of clean up and my kitchen has a/c, it was basically a “Duh” decision.

I was a little worried that cooking it on the stove top would compromise the flavor but I still got great results. I think the key to making chicken shawarma in the non-traditional method is to use chicken thighs because you need that extra fat. Traditional shawarma is basted in its fat and juices so you need to replicate that any way you can, or at least the easiest way you can, and that means using a fattier cut of meat. If you’re really concerned about the greasiness of dark chicken meat, you can maybe do a mixture of both dark and white meat but just don’t use all white, it won’t turn out well.

I also got the veggie salad from the same site as the chicken. I didn’t dice my veggies as finely as needed but, oh well, what are you going to do? The baby really liked the salad but mostly enjoyed just picking the cucumbers out of it. The three year old didn’t touch it.

She did, however, touch the mejadra. I’ve actually made mejadra before but not this specific recipe. I didn’t realize I’d made it before until I was cooking it and honestly, I’ve made it a few times. I believe it’s in my Greek cookbook, the one that turned out to be less Greek and more Mediterranean, and it’s a pretty easy and straight forward dish. Themost time consuming part of this dish was frying the onions. Frying onions take for-e-ver! I recently made caramelized onions and was soooo bored. What is it that takes those suckers so long to turn brown???

Anyway, this meal made up for the frytastic meal before it. It definitely felt a lot healthier! One of the many good things about this meal is that I can make it over and over again and that each dish would compliment others as well; I wouldn’t have to always make all three together.

Actually, I think I’ll make the salad tonight. I’ll work on my dicing skills.


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