Steak with Mustard Onion Sauce and Yucca Fries

First things first: that picture doesn’t do this meal justice. I know, I need better picture taking skills. I was talking to a friend who is friends with a local food blogger, a very successful food blogger, and my friend said I need to up my picture taking game. This topic has come up before and it’s one I wrestle with often. Here’s the thing, taking curated pictures is only not “my thing” but it’s also hard with what I do.

Most food bloggers test out their recipes before they publish. This means they make it a few times before they post about it because they have to make sure the ingredients work well, that measurements are accurate, and that it doesn’t suck. Because of this, they have ample opportunities to take good pictures. Yes editing plays a huge part in picture taking but so does the set up. I’d say the set up is just as important as a filter and I bet many photographers agree with me. It’s an art form for a reason!

I don’t have that luxury. For me, these meals are a one and done. I’m not creating these recipes, I’m merely following them, so the luxury I do have is not having to test them out. But since I make them once and feed my family directly from them, I don’t have time to take a lot of pretty pics. Even when I’m actually cooking, it’s hard to take a minute out and set up a shot. I’ve tried, with both my phone and an actual camera, and it’s not easy. I’m messy when I cook and my kitchen has crap lighting so taking a good pic involves cleaning up a bit and then standing on a step stool and come on, when I’m working on a sauce or something attention consuming, every minute is precious. I literally don’t have time for that.

And then I have hungry kids and a husband. And myself. I get hungry too. When I finish cooking, I want to eat. I don’t want to place my food on the table and then haphazardly throw a napkin to the side to make it look super casual and take a pic; the food will get cold and my kids will annoy me even more because they won’t stop asking for Goldfish crackers.

But if people think that’s what will make this more appealing, maybe I should do this. Maybe I should make the time, somehow. Once again, input from my five readers is most appreciated.

But this meal, even though the pics don’t show it, it was guuuuhd. Not just good, GUUUUUUHD. The steak was crispy on the outside and medium rare on the inside. The sauce, oooh, I can eat that sauce all day, e’eryday. It was a little tangy and salty but creamy and buttery. I ate two pieces and didn’t even care. The fries were spectacular! The three year old couldn’t stop eating them. She really liked smothering them in the sauce and kept stealing mine. They were lighter than potato fries and not as starchy. I will make these again for sure.

So make this one meal, if you can. It’s easy, yummy, EASY. Also let me know about pics. I’m conflicted.

Recipe, Recipe


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