Hanoi Style Fried Fish and Stir Fried Morning Glory

I always have reservations when making fish because a meal involving it can go south real quick. There have been times when I’ve cooked with a new kind of fish and my body processes it in a way I didn’t know it was capable. I’m looking at you orange roughy…Or there are certain fish that regardless of how you prepare it, you can’t get rid of that fishy taste. That typically happens when the fish isn’t cleaned properly or you’re eating a bottom feeder (hi catfish!) so it’s possible to do things to avoid it but it happens nonetheless. And it sucks when it does. Especially when you’ve put time and energy into the preparation. Because of this, I really try to stick with fish I know and if I have to try a new fish, I always prepare for the worst. 

I didn’t prepare for the worst with this meal because I’ve had cod before. 

I should have prepared, a little. 

Okay, that makes it sound a lot worse than it was and it wasn’t THAT bad, it just wasn’t that good either. I think the problem for me was the tumeric paired with the fish. Both are very strong and it was a little overpowering to have all that together. The vermicelli did help mellow it out but when I tried to eat the fish alone, it was just too much. It was salty and then a little numbing, which is the tumeric, and then more salt. I really don’t like salt.

The surprise was the morning glory. Morning glory is also known as Chinese water spinach and my mind immediately went to the Stir Fried Water Spinach from Burmese week. They are two completely different greens but my mind still went there and it wouldn’t leave.

Then I ate it.

My mind got over it and moved on. It was nowhere near as bitter as the kailan and it was very, very similar to regular spinach. It was kind of buttery and I loved it. I actually ate a lot more of the morning glory than the fish. The best part was how easy it was to prepare although I did have some run-ins with a worm and a grasshopper when I was cleaning it. That probably didn’t help put my mind at ease before eating it. Always wash your produce. Always. ALWAYS.

Recipe, Recipe


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