Grilled Pork with Vermicelli and Green Mango Salad

So I’m almost a week late in posting!

Last week was not an off week but it was a very busy one! I don’t typically cook on Mondays anyway and I didn’t cook on Tuesday because I had a friend’s birthday dinner. This meal was made on Wednesday but I forgot to post on Thursday because James and I ran some errands and caught up on House of Cards. I didn’t post on Friday because both girls were home and the little one wasn’t feeling well so we just vegged out. I also saw The Cure on Friday night, which left me incredibly hungover on Saturday and part of Sunday. It was worth it, though, they played for three hours. 

It doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s surprising how fast the day can slip away from you. The girls go to school Tuesday through Thursday so I try to schedule my blogging for those days. I have to fit blogging, errands, chores, appointments, and running into those twenty-two hours, which never feels like enough time. And things always come up, like today the oldest one is home from school because she isn’t feeling well. We also have the little one’s birthday party on Saturday so in addition to my regular junk, I have to make decorations and food. It’s never-ending.

I’ll stop whining now. I just felt the need to explain my absence. And to whine. Mostly to whine.

Last week I used Cafe Vietnam for my recipes. I choose this book because of the simplicity of its recipes. This book focuses on street and cafe foods so nothing too complex, time consuming, or with hard to find ingredients.I know I’ll use this book again and again because of that ease. 

The most time consuming thing about this meal was marinading the pork, which at thirty minutes really wasn’t all that bad anyway. It was a little salty and I think that’s because of the fish sauce. I don’t like salty foods but thankfully the vermicelli noodles mellowed it out. I’ve had this meal before but I’ve never prepared it myself. Mine was a little dry, I think I left it in the oven too long, so now I know, less time, the better. 

What I really enjoyed making was the mango salad. I made a green mango salad during Thai week and it was not fun. It took forever because peeling green mangoes sucks BUT I learned from that so this time around, it was pretty easy. I learned how to julienne a mango in less than an hour, which is how long it took me last time, so I was very pleased. I like when I can incorporate what I’ve learned from previous meals because it feels like maybe this isn’t a complete waste of time. 

Both girls ate the pork, neither one ate the mangoes. They both really liked the vermicelli noodles, with the oldest exclaiming she was excited to eat them because another girl in her class eats them all the time. Peer pressure sometimes has its benefits. 



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