Costillitas and Moros y Cristianos

Quick translation on the title: Little Ribs and Moors and Christians.

Yes, this is a cannibalistic recipe. Bet you never expected that!

Obviously I’m kidding. I mean, we did eat little ribs but we didn’t eat people. Black beans are the Moors and the white rice Christians. This is probably not the most politically correct name for a meal but what are you gonna do? Call it the boring Black Beans and Rice? If you did that, you probably wouldn’t fall into a Wikipedia black hole of articles on the Islamic conquest of Spain and the effect it had on Spanish speaking countries. You can’t just eat this food, you must also learn!

In addition to being thrown back to Ms. Stock’s Spanish II class in 10th grade (I will always associate “Moors” and “Visigoths” with Ms. Stock’s class because the lady had a major obsession with them and we studied them for an entire semester) I got to eat probably one of the most delicious meals I’ve had in a long time.

Yes, I’ve eaten a lot of good food throughout this project but not many have made me moan in pleasure. Yeah y’all, this meal was a little sexual. Ew, gross. I just remembered my kids ate this…be right back, need to go pour bleach onto my eyes.

I’m back and I’m blind.

But really, this meal was ridiculous good! My beans and rice didn’t come out the way Google images said they should but they were still really good. Sofrito is now one of my favorite sauces ever and I am going to use it as often as I can from here on out. Also naranja agria (the sour orange juice)? Fantastic! I’m not all that in love with sour things but this was goooood! It made the ribs taste like they were coated in Lucas Limon and that is NOT a bad thing. Also, Lucas Limon is why I can no longer tolerate overtly salty or sour things. I ate so much of that junk in third grade, I killed my taste buds and am now very sensitive to both those flavors.

James said the ribs were only second to the Salt Lick’s and if you’ve ever had Salt Lick, you know that’s a big deal. If you haven’t, I’m sorry. You must remedy that real soon. Just don’t stay here, Austin is already too packed.

Both girls ate this as well, which makes TWO meals in a row that they’ve enjoyed. Moral of the story: we need to move to Cuba.

Recipe, Recipe


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