Pork Pie

This ended up being our last Westeros(i?) meal, sort of. I had planned on making a roast on Sunday, the night of the premiere, but my book club ran later than expected. So then I pushed it back to Monday night but then I remembered I had a meeting to become a Deputy Voter Registrar. I had already told James we were having roast so I prepped it for him and told him all he had to do was put it into the oven for an hour. I got home around eight to a pretty decent roast. It was medium-rare, which I find gross in a roast (rhyming!), but it was fine other than that. But since I wasn’t the one who actually made it and it was just a roast and not the full meal of roast, onions in gravy, and lemon cakes I had planned, I’m considering this pork pie our last meal.

I’m aware none of that really makes sense but whatevs.

I’m glad this was our last meal because it was fantastic! I was a little skeptical because in addition to the pork, there was also barbecue sauce, apples, and cheese in the pie. I get how all those flavors could work together but when I was looking over the ingredients, my brain was all “Whaaaa?” I mean, spicy, tart, cheese, that’s just weird, man.

Well it worked, even the three year old liked it. Yep, the picky child who scoffs at anything that isn’t bread or chicken, she ate this. I mean, it had bread (crust) and chicken (pork but we tell her all meat is chicken in the hopes that she’ll eat it. It works about 50% of the time) but it also had apples and cheese so there was her fruit and dairy intake. I fully relish in every little dietary victory with her.

I don’t know why but I expected the pork to be crumbly, maybe I was thinking something akin to a Shepherd’s Pie, but it wasn’t at all. I sliced the apples very thin so they kind of just melted into the pork so you could barely taste them but you definitely knew they were there. The barbecue sauce added a nice little kick to it but it wasn’t overpowering due to the cheese. You would think this would be very heavy but it really wasn’t. I think we each had two slices and didn’t feel like oafs afterwards.

I kinda wish Westeros was a real place because its food is on point. I also wish it were a real place because of dragons, dire wolves, and Jon Snow, but it’s okay, I’ll settle for the food. But dragons would be really cool. Jon Snow would be especially cool. Kit Harrington, holla at yer girl.



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