Sister’s Stew

This is the only recipe James personally requested for Westeros week. We typically choose meals together, although I have final say since I do the cooking. Usually we look through the cookbooks together but this time I was the first one to look through it. When I saw this recipe, I knew James would like it and would want me to make it. He grew up in San Francisco so he has a thing for chowders and bread bowls; this meal satisfies both those needs.

I had never made a chowder or a bread bowl so this was a fun meal to make. And yes, the name is “Sister’s Stew” but this was very much a chowder. It had cream AND evaporated milk, that’s a chow-dah. I was not a big fan of the bread by itself. You could still taste the Guinness so it had a malty flavor to it that wasn’t my favorite. I think the bread served its purpose as a bread bowl and that’s about it.

I used canned crab and clam meat because I didn’t feel like driving downtown to get fresh meat. I think it worked out well and you couldn’t really taste the difference. I say this as a person who grew up in Southwest Texas and lives in Central Texas, meaning I am not an expert on seafood or on how it’s suppose to taste. With that being said, I can tell you the difference between good and bad catfish (hint: it’s good if it’s fried, that’s it)

Everyone loved it, well, everyone but the three year old. As.usual. It was creamy and super hearty. It wasn’t fishy at all, which was nice, and the barley gave it a little nutty flavor. I’ll make this again but probably not in a bread bowl. Maybe in a bread bowl. It depends on how well the husband has been behaving. Remember that James!






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