Honey Roasted Chicken, Turnips in Butter, and Sansa Salad

I revealed myself as a Game of Thrones nerd a couple of posts ago so it should surprise no one that we are visiting Westeros this week. Also, season six premieres this Sunday so I think it’s perfect timing! And yes, Westeros is not a real place but I’ve been doing this for about four months now so I think I’m allowed to have some fun with this. I didn’t really plan on going to Westeros, or any other imaginary country/continent, when I was thinking up this blog and I don’t plan on veering away again but I need a little levity right now. Life is heavy, I need a break. I had planned on preparing Cuban food this week but when I went to the library to find a Cuban cookbook, I found A Feast of Ice and Fire and I couldn’t help myself. The book actually started off as a blog, Inn at the Crossroads, and slowly morphed into an actual book. Don’t worry, I don’t have those aspirations. I’ll settle for a movie 🙂

This meal was everything I hoped it would be: delicious, cozy (I know that’s a weird way to describe food but I needed to be comforted yesterday and this meal did the job), AND the kids ate it. Well, one kid, the baby. The three year old had a meltdown when she saw the salad, that I did NOT serve her, and was banished to her room like Jorah Mormont from Daenerys’ inner circle. 

The cookbook did not give the greatest instructions when it came to the chicken but like I stated in the recipe, I’ve roasted enough chickens to know how to do it right. The key to a juicy chicken is, duh, liquid. You also want to create some kind of cover so the steam will moisturize the bird. None of this was mentioned in the cookbook so I’m mentioning it to you. You’re welcome. The baby could not get enough of the chicken. She ate her portion and then that of her sister. She also fed some to our dog, who barfed it out. I don’t think that had anything to do with the chicken itself, though. He went to the vet yesterday and was given an Elizabethan collar to prevent him from scratching at a growth on his neck so I’m pretty sure he barfed in protest. He can be a dick sometimes.

The turnips were really creamy and awesome! Why don’t more people eat turnips? They’re so under appreciated! Growing up, I would eat them raw with just a little bit of salt. Is that not normal? I don’t care, it was great. 

The Sansa salad wasn’t anything special but I love Sansa Stark so I mostly made it to honor her. #yougogirl

I’m not cooking tonight because the hubs has a work thing but I am currently baking some Black Bread for tomorrow. Again, the cookbook didn’t have enough advice but I bake bread so I know how to do this. At least I think I know. We’ll see. Tune in tomorrow.

Recipe, Recipe, Recipe




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