Masala Dosa

I found this recipe here.

This was our last official Indian meal. I  made another one the night after but I didn’t take pics or save the recipe because I just wanted to eat. It was great!

A friend introduced me to dosas a couple of years ago. I was pregnant and we were meeting up for lunch. I was, as usual, very hungry. She’s a vegetarian and when she suggested we share what she described as a “Indian tortilla stuffed with potatoes” I was less than enthusiastic. But, you know, I’ll try everything once! And I remember thinking “If this sucks, I’ll pick up Taco Bell on the way home.” Pregnancy does the worst things to your body…We ordered our dosa and some samosas (I love samosas) and hung out while they prepared the food. What felt like an eternity later, but was probably ten minutes, a gentleman laid a giant ass brown tortilla in front of me. Like, ginormous. It was probably as long as my forearm. I just looked at my friend and she was like “You’ll love it, believe me” and she was RIGHT! It was probably one of the best things I’d ever eaten and now I order it any time I can. 

So needless to say, when it came to planning our meals for the week, I knew I had to make some dosas. Given my history with baking things, I was a little worried about screwing it up, HOWEVER, when I read the recipe and saw that the batter had to be fermented, I felt a bit better. I know how to ferment. I brew kombucha, I’ve made coconut kefir, kimchi, have helped James brew beer, I know my way around bacteria and yeast. Somehow this little factoid made me a lot more comfortable with the meal. I figured if I could make the batter, I could do it all. 


Sorry for being a little braggadocious but this meal gave my ego a huge boost. It probably didn’t need it but whatever. I was also on a high from running a personal record during the 10k earlier that day. 1:07 y’all!

They came out fantastic! It took a few tries to make them thin enough and honestly, I could have made them even thinner, but they were great! The baby enjoyed eating all my mistakes, which is kinda odd because the dosa itself was a little bitter. She enjoys the weirdest things. 

I was so happy when I made the first good one that I might have yelled out “IN YOUR FACE DOSA!” I might have also included a couple of ‘eff yeah’s…

I made a spiced rice to accompany it but it was nothing special. The true dame of the ball was the dosa. I MADE MASALA DOSA AND IT WAS FANTASTIC!



2 thoughts on “Masala Dosa”

  1. Hahahaa! You tell that Dosa. I crown thee Duchess of the Dosa! Mistress of Masala! and Baroness of Bacterial fermentation! This sounds uber-comforting and amazing. Baby sounds like a good little eater 🙂


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