Maa di Dal and Aloo Gobi

I found the recipes for this meal here and here.

I had planned on making Makhani Dal for dinner because it appears to be very popular but as I was getting my ingredients together, I realized I didn’t have the dry kidney beans that the recipe needed. I could have sworn I had dry kidney beans but as I was standing in the kitchen, irritated at myself for not looking at my ingredients before grocery shopping, I remembered I had thrown out my kidney beans last month because they were starting to smell sour. I seriously need to STOP assuming I have something when getting my grocery list together. I typically write down my list in the office, walking like thirty feet to the kitchen won’t kill me! Also, I’ll get my steps for the day. 

I’m mostly writing this down for my own benefit, those last two sentences have nothing to do with the narrative of this post. 

So because of my bad planning, I had to scour the internet for another urad dal recipe. Let me tell you, finding one WITHOUT kidney beans was not easy. I was also on a time crunch because I knew regardless of what I found, I’d have to soak the beans for a few hours. We were on our way out to spend the afternoon in downtown Austin so I knew I had to soak them before we left so they’d be ready in time for dinner. 

In walks Maa di Dal, the literal “mother of dals” Yeah, this meal is like the khaleesi of dals. The site I used referred to it as such but I can’t find anything else backing up that claim. It seems like this dish and Makhani Dal share that title so I don’t know who to believe. I mean, is Maa di Dal like Daenerys and Makhani Dal is Jon Snow? Is it going to come down between the two of them for the iron pot/iron throne? Did I just reveal myself to be a huge Game of Thrones nerd?

Regardless of what title this dish has, it filled my belly! I didn’t cook it as long as I should have because I was impatient and hungry so it didn’t come out as creamy as it should have. Meh. I had a couple of bowls and probably would have had more except I had the 10k the next day and I was afraid of, um, them working their way through my system mid race…great visual huh?

I’ve made Aloo Gobi before but it never turned out this good. My previous attempts came out dry and while Aloo Gobi is a dry meal, I don’t think it’s supposed to be like charcoal, which is what I’ve gotten in the past. When choosing meals for Indian week, I read that a good way to plan your meals is to do one dry dish and one wet dish; you don’t ever want all wet or all dry. Something about the chemistry of the ingredients and blah blah blah one dry, one wet, or two dry and one wet. You get the idea.

Aside from the initial hiccup and being very hungry and not waiting for the dal to cook all the way, I was happy with this meal. And you’ll be happy to know, the dal stayed put during the run. 

Recipe, Recipe


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