Butter Chicken and Palunga Ko Saag

I found this recipe online. I actually used a couple of different recipes from that website.  It’s really easy to navigate and laid out very well. I highly recommend it.

This meal was good but it was nothing amazing. Butter chicken came up on a lot of different “Must Eat” lists and that’s why I added it to our weekly meal plan. It took a lot of time to make between the two marinations but once I got going, it wasn’t too bad. I think mine came out more watery that it was supposed to but it was still good. 

I’m writing this almost a week after eating it and I can’t remember anything specific about this meal. I normally try to post within a couple of days so the memories are still fresh but last week was a busy one so I wasn’t able to post like I wanted. I had planned on eating this meal on Sunday, after the 10k, as a celebratory meal but ended up pushing it up a few days because of bad planning. The plan was to eat Masala Dosa on Friday but I didn’t ferment the batter on Thursday night like I was supposed to so we had the butter chicken instead and the Masala Dosa on Sunday. 

I’m taking this week off from cooking to catch up on the blog and finish doing some administrative work from the transfer. I had originally planned on only taking a week off every three to four months but it looks like I will need one monthly. This really does take a lot of time and sometimes it feels like a chore so I really do enjoy my time off. The biggest benefit is not spending hours in the kitchen! Indian week was very time consuming so I need quick, easy meals this week. 

I still have two more meals to go for Indian week so there shouldn’t be any interruption in posting this week!

Recipe, Recipe


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