Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani and Malai Paneer

I found this recipe online. I’m still not a huge fan of using online recipes because I always forget to change my “Sleep” mode on my phone until I’m already cooking and my phone gets dirty. Both of these issues could be solved by me remembering to do stuff and by not being so anal; I’m aware, I’m working on it.

This meal was work. Like, it took some time and patience. You’ve been warned. 

I just learned the phrase “mise en place” It’s a French culinary phrase that means “putting in place.” If you are unfamiliar with the phrase itself, you are probably more familiar with the actual act. If you’ve ever watched a cooking show, you’ll notice how the chef always has their dry ingredients pre-measured and other ingredients chopped/sliced/diced,etc. and ready to go. This is “mise en place.” It’s meant to increase efficiency and is most helpful when making time sensitive meals, like when you have to watch milk boil so it doesn’t curdle. I started practicing “mise en place” when I started the blog (I didn’t know I was doing it, I just thought I was being organized and trying to limit frustration) and it has helped a lot. You have everything within arm’s reach and you don’t have to worry about scorching or burning something because you’re too busy chopping onions. My reason for bringing this up is this meal would not have gone as smoothly as it did had it not been for “mise en place” 

And getting everything together was probably the hardest part. Marinating the chicken was easy because, duh, it just sits in the marinade. The rice was easy because it involved boiling stuff. Even layering everything was easy. Waiting for the chicken biryani to finish cooking was not easy. It took an hour. An hour. I told James that if it wasn’t amazing, I would cry and probably break something. 

Well I didn’t cry OR break anything. Yay! The biryani came out drier than I expected but that was okay. I think the strongest flavor was the cinnamon followed by the biryani masala. It was good, probably not as good as I’ve had, but good enough. The paneer came out AMAZING, I could not stop eating it! You could definitely taste the tumeric but it was also kind of buttery. The baby would not stop eating the paneer and had even more the next day for lunch.

I’m really happy it turned out well because I didn’t have a back up plan if it didn’t. Also, I’d have been the one that would have cleaned up whatever was broken and after spending almost two hours in the kitchen, I didn’t want to have to clean any more.

Like I said, a test in patience.

Recipe, Recipe




2 thoughts on “Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani and Malai Paneer”

  1. Did you make the paneer yourself? How was that? I have always wanted to try it out. We love Indian. Biryani is definitely a time consuming ambitious endeavour! Indian women are amazing cooks and must have all the patience in the world!! :D. Your effort looks delicious!


    1. No, I used store bought paneer but it looks fairly easy to make. Which, of course, means it will take me hours 🙂


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