Murg Purdina, Methi Aloo, and Nimbu Bhat

Welcome to Indian week! I am three meals behind in posting. I would have been caught up yesterday but as I was finishing the first meal’s post, the little one decided to walk by the computer and press the Power button. Squarespace doesn’t automatically save posts…needless to say I was frustrated and I walked out of the office and decided to do some yardwork.

I love Indian food and have made various dishes over the years. Most of them have come from the cookbook I’m using this week, Indian Recipes Under 30 Minutes, so they haven’t been the really great Indian dishes most people are familiar with. Since this book is sort of an intro to Indian food, I’m using it as a supplement to other recipes I’ve found online. I thought about buying a more comprehensive Indian cookbook but I’m trying to make sure my cookbook collection doesn’t get too big. Also, I forgot I was making Indian food this week until Monday and Monday was a rough, emotional day. I did not have it in me to look for a book and when I’m not up for shopping for books. you know something is not right in my world.

Like I said, I’m into day four of making meals and have realized that like Nepali food, Indian food is pretty time consuming. I just told a friend that I don’t understand how Indian people ever get to eat since the food takes so long to make! Luckily it’s all been very delicious so it makes up for all the time in the kitchen.

Even though this cookbook says the meals take under thirty minutes, the fine print says “cooked in under thirty minutes” The thirty minute time frame does not include prep time so be warned, none of these recipes take a total of thirty minutes. I wasn’t only slightly irritated by this on Wednesday, the night I made the first meal.

I’m trying to be more zen about life and accepting it as it is so as to minimize my anger and stress. Without getting into it too much, there has been some family drama the past few months and it has left me anxious, angry, and kinda depressed. I’m trying to change that and it starts with me telling myself and accepting I can’t change situations, I can only change how I react. I know, super cheesy and inspirational poster-ey (that’s a word!) but it’s my thing. So with that in mind, I was slightly irritated with the false advertising but got over it pretty quickly because, you know, what are you gonna do?

It took me a total of an hour and a half to make this meal. The hubs went out to happy hour but thankfully the girls were in a rare good, quiet, mood so I was able to cook without interruption. I mean, I was still over it by the time he got home but that had more to do with being in the kitchen for an hour and a half. Like I’ve said before, our kitchen is not my favorite room in the house because of how small it is but I will say that since I’ve spent so much time in there the past few months, I’ve slowly learned how to work in the space. It’s only taken me seven years…

The meal was really good! The chicken was so tender we could cut it with a fork. The mint flavor wasn’t too strong and it was a little tangy from the yogurt. The lemon rice lived up to its name, VERY lemony, but I liked the surprise crunch of the cashews and dal. My favorite part of the whole meal was the methi aloo. I had to give the potatoes a lot of attention to keep them from sticking to the pan but thankfully that attention paid off because they came out the right amount of soft on the inside, crispy on the out. I also liked the flavor of the fenugreek leaves. I can’t really describe it (mostly because I’m about to pass out because I’m really sleepy right now) but if you have had Indian food before and then cook with fresh fenugreek leaves, you will immediately recognize the scent and flavor.

So now I’m only two posts behind…I’m making another dal tonight in preparation for running the Cap 10k tomorrow morning. I’m also preparing dosa batter tonight for dinner tomorrow because a proper dosa batter has to ferment overnight. This cuisine is definitely testing my patience and it’s perfect timing since patience is also something I’m working on. Everything is connected, huh?

Recipe, Recipe, Recipe


4 thoughts on “Murg Purdina, Methi Aloo, and Nimbu Bhat”

  1. Man. All of this sounds AMAZING! Especially the potatoes. I’m so impressed that you tackled 3 recipes in one evening. The only time I ever do that is for birthdays or thanksgiving.


  2. Fenugreek is something I only appreciated after going to Indian. It is a great flavour! This looks delicious too!


    1. I’ve used the seeds but never the leaves. I had a lot left over so I tried to find as many ways to use it. I made another chicken curry with it on Monday and it was just as amazing!


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