Mushroom Solyanka

This was the last Russian meal I prepared last week. I had also planned on making blini and pirozhki but I ran out of time and sanity. Even though I only made three meals, I was pleased with all three. Like I mentioned in the last post, I might revisit Russia later in the year and at least try to make the pirozhki. Who doesn’t like bread stuffed with meat?!

Solyanka, along with borshch, is one of the most popular soups in Russian. It can be made three ways: with meat, fish, or mushroom. The common factor in all three is the incorporation of pickles. Pickles in soup. So good, right? I mean, why wouldn’t you want a fermented cucumber in your soup? Clearly I was not jazzed about this. What did get me jazzed was the short prep and cooking time. From beginning to end, this took me about forty five minutes. I made this the evening the older one stayed home from school so I really needed something that was fast and didn’t require too much attention.

This was a very light meal, which wasn’t all that surprising since we basically ate boiled mushrooms. The tomato and pickle did offset the strong mushroom flavor, which I was worried about. I love mushrooms but they can be a little overpowering. They also absorb liquid so I was concerned about the bloat afterwards but there wasn’t any. I only ate one bowl so that probably had more to do with it than the ingredients. It was sour, just like the name suggests, but it wasn’t too bad. It didn’t make me tick or anything afterwards so that was nice. I liked that the crunchiness of the pickle contrasted the softness of the mushroom so I guess its inclusion wasn’t ALL that bad. 

Will I make this again? Probably not. And if I do, I will make it as a side because this was kind of boring on its own. It comes down to boiled mushrooms. Boiled mushrooms are never exciting. Maybe the meat or fish version is more interesting…

And no, neither girl touched this meal. Even the little one spit out the mushroom. Kids have issues with texture. And life. 



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