Chicken K’dra and Eggplant-Tomato Salad

This meal took for-e-ver! Seriously, I was in the kitchen for almost two and a half hours, which is two hours too many for me. Thankfully it was Easter evening so the girls were exhausted from visiting family all day and I was able to cook in relative peace. It’s a lot harder to spend so much time in the kitchen when the girls are running around like maniacs and I’m trying to concentrate on a recipe. I mean, I still lost it a few times, like when I was chopping onions and the three year old decided to screech for no reason, causing me to jump and almost chop my finger off, but overall James handled them and kept them out of my way. 

By the time we finally ate, I was beat, but this was a fantastic reason to be exhausted! The chicken was scrumptious; just the right amount of savory and juicy. It just fell apart, probably because it simmered for almost two hours, but it was delicious. I could taste the butter but it was very sublime. The cinnamon scent was stronger than the actual flavor but the flavor was most definitely there. I don’t know how an entire cinnamon stick could leave such a slight taste but I guess that’s Moroccan magic. 

The eggplant-tomato salad could have been better. It was good but I think I added too much lemon because it was very acidic. The recipe called for two to three large tomatoes but my tomatoes were small so I still used three. I probably should have used two because combined with the lemons, it was very tangy. Or maybe I should have used another eggplant…whatever, mental note made. 

I also made poached pears in a rose water syrup. Ever since we had the Oranges in Rose Water I can’t get enough of the stuff and try to find new ways to use it. They were amazing, of course.

Two things to note from this meal:

1. I finally got the right amount of liquid right for a tagine! My last two attempts at tagine came out watery because I kept forgetting I wasn’t using a tagine and needed to adapt the recipe. Not this time! This time I remembered my limitations so I added a lot less water than the recipe called for and it worked! Third times a charm!

2. Both girls ate this meal! BOTH GIRLS ATE THIS MEAL! Sorry for the yelling but this is a big deal. The baby especially loved the salad and the three year old was all about the chicken and beans. You just never know with kids. I thought the three year old would be into the pears because they were sweet but she had no interest; the baby was shoving them into her mouth with both hands. 

Morocco week worked out very well for us. They were time consuming, for sure, but the effort paid off. This week we are going to Russia. 

I’m going to have to run a lot more this week.



2 thoughts on “Chicken K’dra and Eggplant-Tomato Salad”

  1. BOTH GIRLS ATE THIS MEAL!!!! There is a victory lap or victory cocktail that needs to happen. This dinner sounds deeeevine! 🙂


  2. When the girls are screaming and running into you, I imagine this is what boot camp would look like for a culinary school. Waiting for the time when you reenact the intro from Full Metal Jacket with a kitchen knife.


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