Vegetable Tagine

I planned this meal knowing I would be exhausted and the girls would most likely be cranky. I was going to need something easy and fast and this dish lived up to both requirements.

James was off work for Good Friday so we took the girls to Sweet Berry Farm. It took us an hour to get there but luckily the drive was through the hill country so we got to take in miles and miles of Texas bluebonnets. I can’t get enough of Texas in the Spring time, when everything is still cool and green. Give us another month and it will be scorching and brown but I’ll have my memories (and beer) to get me through it! The girls ran around for two hours, picking strawberries, petting goats, and having a blast. It was also pretty fun for us and I can’t recommend it enough to families with kids. 

We got home and had a play date with the neighbors for a bit. By the end of it, I was beat and like expected, the girls were over life. James got them into the bath and I started making dinner.

Since this was another tagine, I tried to keep the reduction of liquid in mind so as to not have another watery meal. I still added too much. The recipe said you could use a tagine or a flameproof casserole dish but since I have neither, I used my Dutch oven. I used about one and a half cups of veggie stock when the recipe called for two and a half and it was still too much. The recipe also said to keep it in the oven until the tomatoes browned but after twenty minutes, my tomatoes still weren’t brown so I took it out. I’m sure it was because of the stock so, duly noted tagine!

I served it along with an herbed couscous of mint, parsley, and scallions. The tagine was great, aside from being watery. It was filling without feeling gluttonous, if that makes sense. This dish is often served as a side dish but can be made the main meal. If I make this again, I will make it as a side dish. It was good for what we needed, fast and filling, but had I been really hungry, I don’t think it would have worked as well. 

Neither girl ate the tagine but they did like the “rice” couscous. Well, the three year old liked the rice after she took out all the “yuck’ a.k.a green herbs. She has her own vocabulary.





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