Welcome to the new site! Or if this is your first time here, well, welcome to the new site! 

Also, I don’t speak German. You might think I do because of the title of this post but I don’t. The only reason I even know how to say “Welcome” in German is because I adore Cabaret. And they say the theater doesn’t teach anything!

I was previously using Blogger and while it was a nice platform, as I started really getting into this, I realized I wanted to be able to customize my blog. Blogger offered customization BUT you basically had to know code to get what you wanted and I do NOT have time to learn computer speak. I barely have time to learn human speak and my mastery of that is mediocre at best so computer speak and Melissa was not going to happen.

Obviously the look of the blog is a lot different but there is another very big difference: I am now separating my thoughts on the meal from the recipe itself. Previously everything was in one post but it made for very long, drawn out posts and people (i.e my cousin Robert. Hay Robert!) complained about it so I decided to change it. The Blog and Recipes are now on separate pages and once I figure out how to link the two posts together I will. I’m also slowly going through old posts and separating the two so if you scroll through old posts right now, you’ll find most of them are still in one post. I will get there, I promise! Some of the original content is being edited out because it doesn’t work as well in two posts but thankfully the same ‘ol Melissa charm is still there.

Also, no more having to login to comment! Wooot! Now everyone can come on here and tell me how they really feel. That’s the best part of the internet, right???

I’m really liking this new platform and once I figure out how to navigate it, this site is going to be A-M-A-ZING! 

No, it’s not. It will be a lot of the same BUT it will be organized and pretty and that’s all that really matters.  

So welcome to the new site. Look around, comment, share, and remember: life is a cabaret.


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