Chicken in Pandan Leaves and Coconut, Ginger, and Lemon Salad

This meal made my Top Five. It was a lot of work, not gonna sugarcoat that, but it was worth it. My kitchen was a total disaster and James kept joking that it looked “used” but I didn’t mind. Okay, I did mind. It took me about thirty minutes to clean up and I was exhausted afterwards but considering the great meal I got out of it, I wasn’t unhappy.

The chicken. 

So you don’t eat the pandan leaves. Just want to make sure that’s understood. The chicken itself was peppery and borderline spicy but with white pepper, it’s a different kind of spicy. It’s almost like a wasabi spicy, that chemically spicy. Still very good and I’m glad I also made some plain white rice to calm my mouth down a bit.

The salad.

Oh man, this was our favorite part! The Shrimp Sauce was very sweet. I was worried about the flavor because shrimp paste is soooo strong and with the ground shrimp, I knew it would only increase the flavor, but the sugar really toned it down. So yay! No shrimpy taste! The fun part was making different combination with the condiments. This meal had everything: sweet, sour, salty, what’s the other flavor? Umami? Yeah, umami! I think this would be a great dish for a dinner party because it’s a great dish to start conversation. 

The girls ate rice. I  didn’t even bother giving them this food because of the spice although the baby did eat a lot of peanuts and coconut.



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