Pad Thai

You might have noticed I only prepared three Costa Rican meals, compared to the four to five that I have been making. The biggest reason for this was that I couldn’t find a lot of Costa Rican meals; apparently they don’t have a large diet. I know this can’t be true because, hello, there are more than two people living in that country, but it was hard to find a lot of recipes that were appealing and different from each other. Most of the recipes involved rice and beans, which is fine, but that can be boring after a couple of days. I had read that a big part of Tico diet is rice and beans so I expected that going into researching meals but I had no idea just HOW big. They’re like in every meal. I’ve stated numerous times how much I love rice and beans but even though that love is strong, it’s not every day strong. It’s more like once a week strong. Maybe even every couple of week strong. What I’m saying is that Costa Rican food has made me rethink my relationship with rice and beans. So if anything came out of last week’s cooking, it’s that rice and beans and I are now in therapy and working out some stuff.

We’ll be fine. I know we will.

Moving on.

This week we’re eating Thai food. I was and am super excited about this week! I haven’t had a lot of experience with Thai food but what I have eaten has been great so I know this week will make my belly very happy! Since I didn’t really enjoy looking up recipes online for Turkey and Costa Rica weeks, and because I know I’ll want to make more of this cuisine, I went out and bought a Thai cookbook. Today’s meal, however, came courtesy of my running partner. Last week I mentioned I was doing Thai food and she said she had some great recipes a friend had shared with her so, here is Usha’s Friend’s Pad Thai



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