Arroz con Pollo

This week we are becoming honorary Ticos, an honor I have bestowed upon us by eating Costa Rican food. I’m pretty sure that’s how you become an honorary citizen of a country. I don’t need a government to recognize me, all I have to do is eat the food. Lawyered.

By the way, I’m very well aware that’s not how it works. Just in case you were wondering if I’m that dense, I’m not.

Costa Rica holds a special place in our cold, dark hearts because it’s where we went for our honeymoon six years ago. Six years ago we spent ten wonderful, HOT days in Costa Rica while the rest of Austin froze in a dumb winter storm. Austin was literally frozen and we were sitting on a beach, drinking alcohol out of fruit. It was the best!

When I think back on that trip, this is what comes to mind.

Arroz con Pollo, which is Chicken with Rice.

Arroz con Chancho from a couple of weeks back but not as rich. I was surprised by how juicy and tender the breast was because it takes a lot to get chicken breast to be juicy. The baby loved it but the three year old almost died when I gave her a spoonful of rice. She choose Goldfish crackers instead.

This is the second week I’m using an online recipe instead of a cookbook and I have to say, I prefer cookbooks. I feel like the online recipes are kinda rushed and I get it, you get tired of being so thorough when you’ve been typing for a while, but I wouldn’t mind a bit more detail. It doesn’t seem to be hurting my cooking so maybe that’s just my Type A personality coming out.

Anyway, I’m excited about Costa Rica week. I need some alcohol in fruit!



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