Kiymali Pide

Kiymali Pide is basically Turkish pizza. I wasn’t really looking forward to making this because it involved making dough and using lamb. My success rate in making breads for this project has not been good. It’s actually been really terrible so I was a little worried about that part. As for the lamb, I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of lamb and I was afraid we’d have a repeat of the Finnish Liver Casserole…

These were a lot tastier than I expected! The crust was really light, which surprised me because I guess I was expecting something like greasy, pizza dough. It was also crispy and not too thick. The filling was great, too. I think it would have tasted gamier had I used fresh tomatoes but the tomato paste offset that flavor. I had to plan this meal a little more because of the amount of time it took to let the dough rise but this would be good on a night when I have more time. I think it would be just as good with beef and definitely more accessible.

The girls ate hot dogs and yogurt.



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