Kohlrabi Baked with Ham, Bavarian Potato Dumplings, and Poached Celery

So this was an unexpectedly tasty meal. Poached celery? Kohlrabi? Potato dumplings? On their own, they sound pretty bland but they all worked well together. It also helped that a good amount of butter was involved. Butter is good.

I’d never eaten kohlrabi before so I read up on it beforehand. Everything I read implied that it was similar to a turnip and I agree that it was in texture but the flavor was so much sweeter. It reminded me of something else but I still can’t put my finger on it (update: it’s broccoli!). This dish would have probably benefited from larger ham pieces but for a quick substitution, the sandwich slices worked. The little one picked out all the ham so next time I make this, I need to use larger chunks.

The dumplings were surprisingly light and flavorful; I think this was due to using whole wheat flour and the bit of nutmeg. I’m not a big fan of dumplings but I do love potatoes. Like, I loooove potatoes. My dream wedding cake was tiered mashed potatoes with florets made from cheese. For some reason everyone was against this idea. You know why? Because people hate dreamers! Where was I? Dumplings. Dumplings are basically balls of dough but these balls of dough had mashed potatoes and, I mean, I just explained my adoration of mashed potatoes. So I obviously loved these.

The biggest surprise was the celery because, c’mon! It’s celery! Celery is never interesting and it’s the poster child for negative calories. Can’t you see it? Celery and lettuce, back to back, with the caption “We’re a waste of space!” Literally. But this dish wasn’t! I mean, yes, it was covered in cheese and bacon grease but still, bet you never thought celery could be this good!

So on a scale of, to quote my daughter “Yuck!” and “Lawd, just rip my stomach out right now cause ain’t no way I’m ever eating this good again!” this meal was right in the middle. Right at “This meal was delicious!” which isn’t a bad place to be. I’m looking at you, Live Casserole!



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