Chicken with Bratwurst and Noodle Pudding

This was a spectacularly easy meal to make and spectacularly unhealthy. Spectacular!

But honestly, this was a heavy meal and I could see this being served at Wurstfest for a bunch of drunks.  No offense to drunks, they’re my favorite people! They find me hilarious and think I’m a great dancer. And by “they” I mean myself. When I’m drunk I think I’m the next Amy Schumer and MJ, r.i.p.

<img src=" I could feel the oil seeping into my pores when frying the chick-wurst (no one take that name, it's mine!). And all that meat! No one needs all that meat! The chick-wurst is such a great example of privilege. I don't mean to get all political here but seriously! When you are in a position to stuff one meat with another meat for a fun meal, you don't have real problems in life. Just sayin'…

The egg noodles, regardless of the fact that mine were ‘yolk free’ were super yum! And let’s go back to that ‘yolk free’ mess. I didn’t realize I bought basically non-egg noodles until I was making this meal, I just grabbed whatever bags I saw. Had I been paying attention, I never would have done that (story of my life). Yolk free egg noodles are like gluten free bread or tofurkey, it ain’t right! I get why we have these alternatives but the fact that they exist makes me so sad. 

This meal was so filling, I drank some Oban Scotch with the hopes that it would burn the food out of me. It worked, a little. 

Thank goodness the next week is Myanmar. My body needs some roughage



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