Breast of Chicken Theresa, Sardine Fritters, and Cabbage Salad

First things first: if you’re watching your fried food intake, step away from this meal. It’s not for you.

Secondly, I don’t get the name of the chicken dish. Like, is the chicken named Theresa? Or should it just be Chicken Theresa? No se. (that’s Spanish for “I don’t know”)

This was my favorite meal by far! Everything was amazing and even though two of the dishes were fried, I didn’t hate myself afterwards. There are some meals that do that! They’re so good but you know they aren’t good FOR you and you’re left with conflicting feelings of joy and remorse but not this meal. It was, literally, all good.

Also, all these recipes came from the All Along the Danube cookbook.

Everything was so good! The chicken was crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside because of the cheese. I had expected the sauce to be very rich but it was perfection! I was a little worried about the sardine fritters because sardines are very fishy but the taste was very sublime. And the cabbage! The cabbage was sweet but not in a bad way. It was sort of like a cole slaw. And everything went together amazingly. It was a fast, easy, delicious meal. My favorite!



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