Sour Pot Roast and Turnip Casserole

Let me start off by saying this roast requires a FIVE DAY MARINATION. Yes, five days. So, yeah, this is a planned meal.

Several years ago, when my husband and I were still dating, I bought some beef ribs. I hadn’t ever made beef ribs but I knew they were best when marinated. We had recently bought a bottle of mead, which if you don’t know, is booze made with fermented honey. It was really popular in Beowulf. Anyway, I thought the honey would be good with the ribs so I put six ribs and about two cups of mead in a Ziploc bag and threw it in the refrigerator.

Then I forgot about them for three days…

When I found them, I was like “Well, the longer it’s marinated the better, right?” Totally, because that’s how marinating works. I threw them in the oven and roasted for I don’t remember how long, made a couple of sides, and served dinner.

We took one bite and drove to Burger King to get some not disgusting food. That was my experience with marinating beef in booze so I had some reservations about this one.

Turnip Casserole

. I had some cauliflower left over from the soup so I added that in as well. We invited some friends over for dinner so I also sauteed some green beans and carrots in like a pound of butter. Paula Deen would be so proud.



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