Baked Stuffed Fish and Spinach Pancakes

So I have to be honest, after the liver casserole, I was questioning my decision to eat Finnish food. That dish scarred me for life! 

The next day I attempted to make Hiivaleipa, Finnish Brown Bread. The recipe seemed pretty straight forward: mix hot water with butter, sugar, and salt. Let it cool to lukewarm. Stir yeast into lukewarm water and let it dissolve. Add to the mixture. Beat in rye and another unsifted flour. Knead for ten minutes, let it rise, and bake. Up until the holidays, I was baking bread once a week so I know enough about bread making to where I felt comfortable making this. I tried twice and I couldn’t get it right. The first time the dough was super sticky so I had to chunk it. The second time it came out okay but after an hour, it didn’t double in size like it was supposed to so I chunked that as well. By then I gave up on it and made another donation to the food bank. This disaster combined with the liver casserole made me feel like a failure. I know it’s silly and really, there are bigger problems in the world, but it was still a blow so I really needed this fish dish to come out okay. I have feelings, okay?

So this looks weird because half of the stuffing leaked out but it looks a lot worse than it was.



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