Summer Vegetable Soup

This week we are in Finland.

Kun menee sutta pakoon, tulee karhu vastaan. 

That means “When you flee from a wolf, you run into a bear” This has nothing to do with this post. I just Googled “Popular Finnish proverbs” and I liked this one. It’s supposed to be mean to not give up on one situation for another. I don’t get it either. 

FINLAND. The biggest deciding factor in choosing Finland was, and this was backed by some super scientific thought, that it’s cold in Finland. It’s currently cold in Texas. So I figured the food would be agreeable with the climate. Granted I’m currently wearing shorts in January so maybe I didn’t think this one through. I rarely do.

Choosing a cookbook for Finland was pretty easy. My three choices at Half Price were a $40 book that wasn’t going to happen in any world, a $30 book that focused on Finnish country cooking which involved a lot of wild game like reindeer, and the $10 book I ended up buying. The price was right! Also, the book I ended up buying uses American measurements (in yo face metric system!) and is actually a book on Scandinavian cooking. It’s titled

“The Art of Scandinavian Cooking” by Nika Standen Hazelton

. It was written in the mid-sixties but the recipes seem to hold up pretty well so far. There’s an intro to each country, with a little synopsis of their dietary customs and traditions. It’s a fun read.

<img src=" else would I make this recipe in January, hippies?!

<img src=" I was a little worried about it being bland but the butter and sweetness of the peas and carrots added some great flavor. It was very filling but wasn't too heavy. It probably would have turned out different had I used the full amount of milk but I feel this worked perfectly.

The three year old wouldn’t touch it but the nineteen month old asked for seconds. Seriously, she has the best taste.



3 thoughts on “Summer Vegetable Soup”

  1. I'm glad y'all like it but it looks too healthy for me.Fat in potatoes?? Really? The amount of fat in a potato is less than insignificant, imho. And don't get me started on antioxidants.


  2. I'm going to have to remember to ask you about your issues with antioxidants. I have a feeling it's going to be, how do I say, interesting… šŸ™‚


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