Chicken and Apricot Filo Pie

I enjoyed making this meal for two reasons: 1. I like making meat pies and 2. I proved to myself that I kinda know what I’m talking about in the kitchen. Being right is probably my favorite state of existence! I’m an only child…

This was pretty easy to make and like the Chicken with Lemons and Olives, I think it would be a good meal to make to impress people but with very little effort. I say this considering that I took a shortcut, had I followed the recipe exactly, I might be singing a different tune.

Thirty minutes later this came out of my oven. I literally laughed out loud when I saw it. James saw it first because he turned off the oven and he said “Yeah, I saw it and thought, she’s going to be worried” but I wasn’t because I fully expected this to happen. So yeah, puffed pastry gets puffed.

I felt it was a little dry but James liked it. I expected it to be tastier due to the apricots but they didn’t really enhance the flavor at all. I think the yogurt contributed to it being dry so if I do make this again, I might add a little chicken stock. It was still fun to make and again, I ended up being right, and being right always taste better than dry meat pie. 



3 thoughts on “Chicken and Apricot Filo Pie”

  1. It looks good. There is a nice color to the pastry.To correct the dryness (and tastiness) you might consider mincing boneless skinless chicken thighs instead of the ground chicken from the store.Let me know if you ever find filo dough in Austin.


  2. That is a great suggestion, thank you! And will do. There's a Mediterranean grocer on Anderson Mill that probably carries it. This just occurred to me. I hate my brain sometimes.


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