So this post will be light on pics since I deleted the last few pics I took from my phone before backing them up. I don’t know why I did this (hint: I’m an idiot). So, sorry.

Moussaka is one of my favorite dishes ever. Seriously, it’s easily top five. Like I wouldn’t request this as my last meal BUT if I were on Death Row in the Mediterranean, I would. I just don’t think any American prison cook could do this dish justice. And clearly the prison system wouldn’t be all that adept at justice if I were on Death Row in the first place but that’s another discussion.

I would not say this dish is easy but it’s not super hard either. It’s like a medium effort dish and this is due to the fact that you can’t rush it. Don’t make this if you only have thirty minutes and you can’t focus on the task at hand. I literally told my husband to keep the girls away for a bit and even then, I still messed up and had to start over again.

What did I mess up on a dish that I’ve made probably twenty times? The bechamel sauce.  The whole episode is chronicled in the Recipe.

So what pics did I forget to back up? The finished product. Cool.

Anyway, as usual, it was amazing! You first taste the nutmeg but it’s not as strong because of the cheese. Then the sponginess of the eggplant, which has hopefully absorbed some of the juices. Then the meat sauce. It’s a little tangy on its own but mix it with the bechamel sauce and die. Just die right there. Make sure you’re wearing a nice outfit for your funeral.

The three year old didn’t touch it but she did eat the rice. The one and a half year old She’s clearly the foodie of the two.



2 thoughts on “Moussaka”

  1. First cilantro, now lamb! Lamb is CRAZY delicious.Two words… "You have to try lamb chops".Good call on the Basmati rice, it's so much better. I like Jasmine rice too.#Iwonderwhatitlookedlike #nopicsanditdidnthappen


  2. I feel lamb is too gamey and I've had it at some super nice restaurants so I dont think it's a matter of preparation. I like it in gyros, though, but I think that's because it's typically drowned in tzatziki. I'll make it again sometime and have y'all over. It did happen!


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