Green Lentil Soup

This week we are visiting Greece!

Home of feta cheese, super cool mythology, and, um, that village with the blue tiled roofs…I clearly do not know much about Greece. Gosh Melissa, learn a book! Oh wait! I know something else: Melissa is Greek for honeybee.

So anyway, we are visiting Greece. Why did I choose Greece? Because it was the first cookbook I pulled out of my cookbook drawer. Actually, it was the second but the first one I pulled out was about New Orleans and last time I checked, New Orleans is not a country. Sorry NOLA. The cookbook I’m using this week is 

“Taste of Greece: Irresistible Dishes of the Sun-Soaked Eastern Mediterranean” by Joanna Farrow and Jacqueline Clarke


<img src=" for it at Half Price Books so it's definitely legit. I've had this book for years and have made a few things from it but this week I'm trying recipes I haven't made before.

Which is why we are making Green Lentil Soup. I was going to make a chicken pie but I forgot to thaw out the chicken and the pastry. Also, I took my kids to Chuck e Cheese (where a kid can be a kid! And parents wonder why they thought procreating was a good idea!) for two hours and I was tired and wanted something easy.



3 thoughts on “Green Lentil Soup”

  1. I've never had lentil soup but I have been meaning to make it. I love soup!Oh, and I love Cilantro/Corriander. You might substitute flat leaf parsley (or fresh basil), since you can't stand it.


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