Chicken with Lemons and Olives

When planning this week’s menu, I got most excited about this meal because it involved cooking a whole chicken. There is just something really satisfying about cooking a big ‘ol bird, which is probably why I get super excited about Thanksgiving!

This would be a good meal to make if you’re having people over for dinner or for someone you’ve just started dating because for some reason, people get super impressed when you roast a bird. Also, this recipe is incredibly easy but it doesn’t look like it because of the roasting a whole bird and because you’re using ingredients people don’t normally use. Unless you’re Greek, then you probably use these ingredients fairly often. Don’t make this for Greek people if you’re trying to impress them. They’ll probably be like “This was the first meal I made when I was eight” and womp womp.

Y’all, Mary looks so good, right?! I let her rest for a few minutes because that’s the polite thing to do to any roasted meat and she’d had a rough hour and a quarter being roasted.

Then I cut her and shredded all the meat. Sorry Mary. The meat and skin just fell off and I hear that’s a good thing.

Mary was delicious! I don’t even like chicken skin but I literally gobbled that thing up. Didn’t even care how gross I looked. It was extremely savory but juuuuust a little sweet, I’m thinking that was the honey. Dur. The meat was really juicy, even the breast, and was even better when eaten with the olives.

The salad was gross, the end. Don’t make that salad or maybe make it but don’t boil the veggies.

The three year old did NOT like the olives but she did eat all the chicken. The one and half year old had none of it and instead ate some nut mix I bought at Costco. The husband loved it and there was nothing left for the dogs.

I will save this recipe for the future because it was super easy to make and “OMG” good! And also, I want to impress all my non-Greek friends.



3 thoughts on “Chicken with Lemons and Olives”

  1. Better than Bouillon (chicken and beef flavors) is one of my favorite secret ingredients to add loads of flavor to all sorts of dishes. Good call.The chicken skim, I mean skin, DOES look delicious.


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