About this blog

Welcome to Eat the World in 52 Weeks!

No, this blog will not teach you how to eat the world in 52 weeks in some weird Pac-Man style. Sorry, I just don’t think that’s possible unless you are a super, giant, extra-terrestrial. And if you ARE a super, giant, extra-terrestrial, thank you for reading my human blog. I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m sure if you Google the rest of the universe, you will find a way to eat our world in 52 weeks. I would prefer you not eat our world but if you do 1. Start in Europe. I don’t have anything against Europe but I would like to have a heads up that a super, giant, extra-terrestrial is eating the world so I can have time to get myself together. 2. May I suggest that instead of eating our world you maybe just enslave us and exploit us for our natural resources? Just keep it easy on the anal probes.

And that is what this blog will be about! Me talking to aliens!

But really, this blog will be about trying the world’s different cuisines, one week at a time. Last year I told my husband that we needed to be more adventurous with our eating because I was tired of making the same stuff over and over again. I try to incorporate new foods into our diet but I often fall into ruts where making a meatloaf is a lot easier than looking up a new curry. But not this year! This year I’m going to learn how to make all kinds of curry!

I will focus on a different country each week and will be using a variety of cookbooks. I will share the recipes and will also share the inevitable frustration from cooking these great meals and then having my three year old tell me they’re “Yuck.” She likes to do that a lot. The plan is to do five meals and they will mostly be dinners, although my husband just chimed in he’d like Banh-Mi on a weekend. Well that’s what the Banh-Mi restaurant on Burnet is for, James!

So thanks for reading this far, hope you come back for more!



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